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RE·PC was founded by two entrepreneurs who met at a swap meet about three years previous to the opening date of May 7, 1994. Both had a rather broad exposure to PC's and hardware and when the opportunity to open a business of their own arrived, they took the chance and before long they had carved a niche market in the Seattle area. After two years of operation, RE·PC acquired additional space at their Sixth Avenue South address in Seattle and began to expand their stock of just about everything computer under the sun.

In 1998, RE·PC acquired the last occupied space in their building and opened a repair center and expanded sales floor. At the beginning of 1998, the opportunity to acquire another computer business with a large clientele and very large warehouse space presented itself. The decision was made to pursue this direction and in seven days the staff converted the warehouse at 510 Andover Park West in Tukwila to a RE·PC sales, service and recycling operation. Since that time the company has teamed up with King County and the Computer Recovery Project, the TAKE IT BACK! network, the Basel Action Network, E-Cycle Washington, and others to help bring about real recovery of resources through the market recycling concept and responsible recycling.

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RE-PC's Tukwila location is moving to 600 Andover Park East this fall. Just 1 block East (next to Moe's Furniture).


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