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The three principles of environmental responsibility are reduce, reuse and recycle. In keeping with those concepts, since 1994 RE-PC has been reducing the amount of e-waste going to our landfills, reusing computer technology by providing the public with access through our retail stores, and recycling end-of-life materials by responsibly distributing them to processors.

E-Cycle Washington
RE∙PC is also an E-Cycle Washington collector. Under the new E-Cycle program, which began January 2009, the following items are now free to recycle for individuals and businesses with under 50 employees (and others; See Who can recycle with E-Cycle Washington? for more information):

RE·PC Provides Free Recycling of:
Laptops,  Monitors & TV's
For Individuals and Businesses under 50 employees


   Recycling Drop-off Hours:
10-7 Monday through Saturday

It is also important to note that items must be intact and not dismantled or broken (such as monitors or TV's) in order to be accepted free of charge through the E-Cycle Washington program. RE∙PC may accept those that are not intact if safe to do so, but normal recycling fees will apply for proper handling and recycling outside of the E-Cycle program. See RE∙PC Recycling Fees for fees. If you have any questions regarding this please ask.

For more information: E-Cycle Washington:

Electronic Recycler's Pledge

Many so-called computer recycling companies simply load up containers and ship scrap offshore to countries where they are processed in a manner that not only pollutes the environment but poses great health risks to those that perform the work. Because of this activity, (Basel Action Network) traveled to China to see just where this material was going and how it was being processed. The release of their video "Exporting Harm: The High-Tech Trashing of Asia" was a scathing view of the realities of the offshore electronics recycling trade and its profoundly negative effect on the environment. In order to encourage responsible action, BAN wrote the Electronic Recycler's Pledge and distributed it to the recycling industry. It is a set of guidelines for proper recycling of computer materials and a pledge by recyclers in this country and worldwide to stop the exportation of hazardous materials. RE-PC has signed this pledge without equivocation as we have been responsibly recycling computers and peripherals since 1994. For more information:

Take It Back Network
Back in 1999, Lisa Sepanski and King County Solid Waste started a program called the "Computer Recovery Project". It was a groundbreaking and award-winning program that brought a great deal of public awareness to the problems and hazards of computers and especially CRT's. Since we had already been handling this material for five years, we were more than happy to assist in any way we could. One of the crucial factors in solving CRT disposal was Craig Lorch and Total Reclaim. His company was willing to take the risk of making the glass to glass recycling of CRT's financially viable.

As of November of 2003, the Computer Recovery Project has merged with the "Take It Back Network", a broader and more comprehensive program that puts focus on all electronics (VCR's, stereos, toys, televisions, etc...) This program is now jointly supported by Snohomish County (Deanna Seaman) and King County. RE-PC is also a member of this network. This program now covers the following counties:  King, Pierce, and Snohomish. For more information:

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RE·PC Recycling Information and Fees

RE-PC provides free recycling of computers, laptops, monitors and TV's to individuals and businesses with under fifty employees through the E-Cycle Washington Program. There are also other items we accept free of charge. Please click here for more information on recycling at RE·PC.

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