Buy & Sell

What We Buy
RE-PC buys a variety of computers, components, peripherals and other related material. What we purchase changes according to various market forces and the current prices that exist for new
materials. Computer material has a very high rate of depreciation, and there are many items that may not have value after a relatively short time.

What We Sell
RE-PC sells a variety of computers, components, peripherals and other related material. What we sell changes with the times, obviously, but because of our large inventory of computers, peripherals, hardware and just about anything that is related to computing, there is always great variety and quantity. RE-PC also sells new computer motherboards, ram, cases, hard drives to provide those items that are the more current technology.

What We Recycle
At RE-PC, we re-use as much of the techno-waste as we possibly can. Computers, peripherals and related products are refurbished and sold
through our retail outlets and online. Some material gets a last chance at re-use in our AS-IS section. At end-of-life, computers and peripherals are disassembled (where possible) and the circuit boards are recycled through a reprocessor. The cases and other hardware are recycled as scrap metal and the monitors are recycled through a firm that prepares them for glass to glass recycling (to keep the approx. 6 pounds of lead out of the environment).

Corporate Accounts
The best way to be sure that your company's equipment is being recycled in the responsible way is to use a facility such as RE·PC, which has been handling computer waste the correct way since 1994. Many large corporations throughout the Puget Sound Region have used and continue to use RE-PC for the recycling and reuse of their computer materials that are taken offline, have become the victim of obsolescence or are simply no longer needed. Not only can they rest assured that their e-waste is being handled responsibly, they also know that we will find the best use possible for their older technology. Contact us concerning your technology recycling and we'll assess your needs and help provide solutions to time and space consuming problems. Please ask for Darren Perry at (206) 623-9151 ext. 106 or send and email to

Markets and Recycling
Because of the ever changing nature of computer technology, markets for many types of hardware and peripherals are viable for only short periods of time. This can often create a glut in those categories and therefore time becomes an essential factor in being able to re-market these technologies. The sooner the items that are no longer used or needed are brought into the cycle of re-use, the better. After the period of marketability has passed, the loss to the user (in the sense that the material no longer has purchase value) and the cost of processing obviously rises.

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